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Соответствовать стандартам 

Для того, чтобы соответствовать государственным и международным нормам, инженеры SIBA находятся в тесном контакте со множеством официальных  организаций.  Однако мы идем дальше! Значительный сегмент нашей продукции сертифицирован и тестирован в различных независимых центрах сертификации как в Германии, так и в США и многих других странах. В России наши предохранители сертифицированы в системы ГОСТ Р, а некоторые - и в системе СС ФЖТ. 

Наши сертификаты

Предохранители SIBA используются по всему миру. Кроме того, что они соответствуют медународным нормам, на многих из них можно найти знак соответствия следующим стандартам: 

vde-zeichen   VDE test mark
Testing and certification institute for electrotechnical products. A VDE test mark indicates a product’s compliance with VDE provisions as well as European or internationally harmonized standards. It also confirms that the protection requirements of the applicable guidelines are being met. The VDE mark stands for the product’s safety with respect to electrical, mechanical, thermal, toxic, radiological and other hazards.
  „UL Listed”
Seal of Underwriter Laboratories seal (USA). One of the most trusted seals for product safety, it denotes conformance with U.S. requirements. Each product is evaluated individually.
culus prüfzeichen   „UL Listed”
UL seal which confirms that a product meets U.S. and Canadian safety requirements.
ru-prüfzeichen   „UL Recognized component mark
UL seal ("recognized component mark") validating that components which are part of a larger assembly meet the specified requirements.
cruus Prüfzeichen  
„UL Recognized component mark
UL seal for components which meet U.S. and Canadian safety requirements.
semko prüfzeichen   „Semko
Seal issued by Intertek-ETL Semko, an organization dedicated to testing electronic and electrical products.
GOST Prüfzeichen   „GOST-R test mark
Test mark showing that the product fulfills russian safety standards.
roHS Prüfzeichen   „RoHS-Zeichen
Short for "Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment", this seal denotes that products are in compliance with EC Directive 2002/95/EC. For more details see our Glossary.
ce-zeichen   „CE” label
Labelling in connection with product safety in accordance with EU law. By applying a CE label to his product a manufacturer confirms said product’s compliance with current European guidelines. A CE label does not allow conclusions to be drawn as to the product’s quality. If a four-digit number has been added to the CE label, it means that by applying a formal conformity evaluation procedure, an independent institute has checked whether the guidelines were adhered to.
asta-zeichen   „ASTA 20 Certified” test mark
Test mark for low voltage fuses showing that the product was tested and certified to British standards and that it is being regularly monitored in accordance with the ASTA surveillance scheme.

Check our Catalogues to find out which of our products carry which seal. If you have any questions our Sales Department and our technical experts will be happy to help you.
Click here for an overview of certification and testing bodies, many of whom we cooperate with.

Quality management / Environmental management

At SIBA, we do more to ensure that a given product is safe and complies with one or more standards. Our processes, too, are subject to quality management to ensure smooth workflows. Beyond our focus on quality, environmental stewardship is written large at SIBA. We regularly submit ourselves to audits and certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 to ensure that consumption of environmental resources is kept to a minimum. Not only do our products and the environment benefit as a result, but also our budget.

Our current certifications:

vde zertifizierung
  Certification of our integrated quality and environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001 issued by the VDE Association. Click here to download.
Intertek - QM Prüfzeichen   Certification of our integrated QM system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 issued by Intertek. Click here to download.
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